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Yam jewellers was founded at 1993 by Michal and Elshi Fuchs. A couple in life and in Business.

Michal, a Tel Aviv native who majored in design and jewellery craftsmanship and Elshi, a Jerusalem native and Kitchen artisan who majored in business and computers are the heart and soul behind the company.

The differences in their respective backgrounds highlight the fascinating contrast evident in their conception and creation of jewellery.

Michal And Elshi blend tradition with innovation and the elegant with the rustic. They conceive and create exquisite jewellery masterpieces whileadhering to the highest standards of artistry and excellence.

Michal and Elshi have been flourishing for over 29 years, catering mainly to the US market for leading brands and major retailers in addition to specialty private brands.


Their recently launched JEAN RACHEL brand is their new source of pride and joy. Integrity and a firm commitment to perfection have given Michal and Elshi a trustworthy name on the international business front.

Jewellery aficionados know that their jewellery is the ultimate in exquisitely crafted, fine jewellery.

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Michal and Elshi have experience in creating its products in large-scale production, using handcrafting techniques together with complete in-house manufacturing process (from modelling to casting and plating) with top of the line machinery.

Michal and Elshi’s customers include jewellery private retailers and chain retailers, specialty private brands and well known brands, department stores, TV networks, leading online retailers, mail order

catalogs and wholesalers mainly in the US.

Constantly new diverse designs, impeccable quality, handcrafting techniques, large volume production capability, personal and professional customer service and vast experience in the US market have given Yam a trustworthy name on the international business front.

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